Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Hip Bone's connected to the ... foot bones?

Before I start let me just say... there is no hip bone.  There are hip joints.  There is a pelvis.  But the song in my head says "the hip bone's connected to the..."

Ok, now that I've straightened that out here we go:  Once I started learning more about the feet and how what happens to the feet affects the rest of the body a lot of things started to make sense to me.  Like my hip pain.

It was always kind of a mystery to me. I mean, I'm close to 50 so I suppose I could start getting some minor hip pain occasionally, right?  Right?  I know I didn't have any particular injury to blame.

I figured maybe I was getting arthritis, but even that didn't make sense given they way the pain kind of came and went.  I considered hormones since there seemed to be sort of a cycle with the pain but not really.

But then I learned about stance.  And, in particular, keeping my feet hip width apart while standing and walking.  I know I don't do this.

Most women don't stand this way.  They stand like this:

Can you tell this is a woman standing?  Ok it's not. It's my sad drawing of stick legs.  But hopefully you see what I mean.  We've been taught, over the years, to stand with our feet close together. Why?   Hmmm... that's a good question.

I was talking to my girls and trying to encourage them to get their feet wider when they stand.  And I said "Most women stand with their feet closer together than they should."  Both of them said "Because that's more feminine." Interesting.

Ok, so stay with me.  Let's put your whole body weight on top of those legs:

Now let's compare with legs that are straight under the hips to see if you can catch where I'm going with the whole hip pain thing:

 Maybe it's because I've been studying this stuff now forever that it even looking at this comparison it makes sense to me that I and many women I know have hip and knee pain.  Do you see it?

Tune in next time for more details about stance, hips, knees and more! :)

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