Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April - National Foot Health Awareness Month - NFHAM

Today is the first day of National Foot Health Awareness Month.  Did you know such a month existed? Well neither did I!  But lucky for you, now I know AND we're going to talk feet every week day this month! So get ready!

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, at least 20% of the population here in the United States suffers with some type of foot ailment annually.  That's a lot of feet that just plain hurt! While the reasons for the pain are numerous, the simple fact that you spend so much time with your weight on those two body parts at the bottom there should give you enough reason to be aware of how healthy (or not) your feet are and to do everything you can to keep them in the best of shape.

So here are a few of tips for today:

1.  After you bathe or shower, make sure that you dry in between each of the toes to avoid fungal problems.  Also, take a few minutes to rub some lotion on the tops and bottoms of your feet.

2.  Take a hand mirror and inspect the bottoms of your feet today.  Look for cracks, marks and any especially dry spots.

3.  Take a walk ... even if it's a short one ... today (and every day!)

And wear these totally healthy shoes (it's April 1 - remember!)

Check back tomorrow for more tips!

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