Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NFHAM 8 - Where will you walk today?

Look. Look outside!  It's gorgeous out there (yes, even if it's raining!).  So.... where will you take a walk today?

The main reason you want to keep those feet (and the rest of your body healthy) is so you can walk more.... so you can keep your body and feet healthy.  Yep, it's circular, but important.  Walking is the best "exercise" out there but one thing you need to stop doing is thinking of walking as exercise and thinking of it as "nourishment".

Just like your body needs food and water every day, your body needs to move every day - a lot. And walking is great movement.  Walking correctly is even better and that's why we focus on the feet to start and build from there.

So, stop reading... go for a walk (even a few laps around the house) and come back and tell me you did it!

Have fun... GO!

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