Monday, July 27, 2015

Stealth Health - the coffee edition

So, I'm trying to get more natural movement into my days in simple ways.  It's amazing to me how much I've let the "quicker and easier" mindset to rule my life - even in little things like making my morning cup of coffee.

A while back, I was able to participate in a promotion for a single serve coffee maker by the Senseo company.  I had known others who had this coffee maker and I really liked the idea and getting one for cheap seemed like a great plan.  I made a full pot of coffee in the morning, which is fine but because I'm the only regular coffee drinker in the house, most of that coffee went down the drain because it really started tasting old and yucky - even by the second cup.

Let me back up even further.  When I was young, my mom made coffee the "old fashioned" way.  She'd heat water up on the stove, put a cone shaped coffee filter holder on top of a pot, fill the filter with coffee and slowly pour the hot water over the grounds, letting it drip into the pot.   In light of the new fancy coffee makers on the market at the time, this seemed like such a waste of time.

Then, of course, we got with the program and bought one of those gadgets and instantly our life became so much easier.  But it's not necessarily quicker, mind you.  It still takes an automatic drip coffee maker quite a bit of time to make a full pot.  So I guess it's a time saver because one isn't just standing there dripping it - you can do other things at the time. Like sit and read the newspaper.

But I digress...

Ok, so fast forward 30 or so years and here was me thinking this is the only and best way to make coffee - with an automatic drip pot.  And it's not bad.  But there was still this issue of having to make a whole pot and wasting most of it.  So now we're back to the Senseo single serve maker.

I love my Senseo and it grieves me greatly that they stopped making them because honestly, the Keruig and the other  K-cup style brewers just don't make coffee that tastes as good.  While I could still get Senseo Coffee Pods at some stores and online, I discovered how easy it is to just use a regular basket coffee filter and a good quality ground coffee to make my own pods.  The perfect cup every time - and really fast too.

So now we're all the way back to present day where I'm only using my Senseo when I have company or I'm in a real hurry because I'm trying very hard to be intentional about sneaking movement into my day with normal day to day things that I do.

So...guess what I'm back to MOST of the time.

I also have one of these and I love it too... but anyway...

So that was step one.  Pull out my old coffee filter cone and make a pour over.  After all, Starbucks even does it when they don't have a certain roast ready to go for a customer!

But, for a long time I was still buying my coffee already ground, even though I know that grinding it right before you pour over gives, by far, the best tasting cup of coffee out there.  I do have a pretty nice electric coffee grinder, but that doesn't require much movement so last year I bought this:

This little guy is great! I scoop 3 tablespoons into the hopper and start turning.  I'll turn with my right hand for a while, then I'll turn with my left.  I'll put it on the table and then I'll hold hit against my tummy.  Next I'll hold it straight out in front of me while I'm turning. Usually I'll walk around while I'm grinding, but sometimes I'll do my calf stretches or other standing stretching too. Yep, this is multitasking at it's best! And with technology I can still read the "newspaper" while I 'm doing it!

The funny thing is, I can get all the grinding done while the water is boiling, so it's not like it takes a ton of time.  And I'm moving and thinking, and moving some more.  It's all good.  I packed up my 12 cup automatic drip coffee pot long ago and am actually thinking about sticking the Senseo in a cupboard rather than on the counter too.

It's a step.  I do move more now, even if it's just for those simple five minutes each morning. (Ten minutes if I make a second cup!)

How do you sneak movement into your day?

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