Thursday, April 14, 2016

Resetting your Hormones

I listened to part of a webinar today (can't wait to hear the rest of it!) about optimizing your hormones. You can find out more about the webinar at

Since I didn't hear the entire thing, I can give you a blow by blow but the cliff notes of the section I heard was pretty helpful.  Dr. Sara's suggestions:

1.  Find the root cause of your cortisol levels
2.  Make Targeted lifestyle changes based on step 1, but in particular

  • Reduce or remove all caffeine
  • Reduce or remove all alcohol consumption
  • Get more sleep!
    • Sauna or hot bath before bed but don't get right into bed afterward - let your body cool down
    • Stop all blue backlight use at least 1 hour before bedtime (computers, ipads, phones, etc)
    • Take your supplements (first two below) at bedtime
3.  Herbal Remedies. Her suggestions included
4. Finally Bioidentical hormones - but only as a last resort.

I'll fill in more later!  Stay tuned!

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