Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Road Trip Time!

Summer is coming. I'm staring at my fancy thermometer and it says that it's currently 57 degrees! The grass is green (and full of dandelions) and my friend is piling up our tree trimmings for a bonfire. Yep. It's spring but that means summer is just a few weeks away.

With school breaks and warm weather and just ... habit ... many families decide to take their vacation via road trip.  Which is great!  You can see a lot of the country, save a bundle of money (especially if you camp along the way) and just have fun being together.

But road trips usually mean lots and lots (and LOTS) of sitting in the car.  Usually for too long with each stretch.  Dad will hate this but you should really be stopping at LEAST ever two hours for a leg stretching and movement break.  This can work if you're the type of family that likes to meander their way to a destination. It doesn't work so well if you've got some type A personalities in the car that just want to get to the place already!

But if you can get Mr. or Mrs. Type A to take a break, there are some great things you can do to maximize the time off your rear end.  Rest areas are more conducive to this kind of thing than, say, a truck stop, McDonalds' parking lot or gas station.  Regardless - MOVE!

Below are some tips from my favorite Katy Bowman that will help you stretch, move and increase blood flow to the areas of your body crammed into one set position for most of the drive.  Improvise where you can but if possible, bring along any of the props she mentions to help.

If you do nothing else, take some time do do a couple of calf stretches for your legs and some hanging (or reaching through doorways) for your arms and neck.

Enjoy and happy travels!  Find more great ideas for movement at Katy's Nutritious Movement Site!


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