Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Naked Cookbook - Review

Book Title:  The Naked Cookbook
Author:  Tess Ward

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My rating:  4.5 stars

My review:
It lays FLAT!  yippee!  A hardcover cookbook that lays flat flat flat!  I love that.  Really. I do.

This is a nice cookbook. It's got some great, unique recipes and all of them are doable and don't require any packaged food, etc.  Really nice.  I'm eager to try a bunch of the recipes, including the nut milks and really different ones like this one:


Doesn't that picture make you just want to eat healthy for the rest of your life?

Anyway, if you're a cookbook lover like me and want something that's just plain focused on eating right with a few fun twists here and there, The Naked Cookbook, will fit the bill nicely.

AND it lies flat on the counter!

I received a free copy of the cookbook in exchange for an honest review.

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